Shoe startups aren’t dragging their feet

Good thing Carrie Bradshaw, the shoe-loving heroine of Sex and the City, wasn’t a footwear venture capitalist. The high-heeled, high-priced and hard-to-walk-in pairs beloved by the TV icon are prett

SOLS CEO Kegan Schouwenburg on the ups and downs of running a 3D printed orthotics startup

“Sometimes I think back on that moment and think I must have been utterly insane,” Kegan Schouwenburg says with a laugh. “In retrospect, we were bringing out a new product with a new method in t

3D-Printed Insole Maker SOLS Lays Off 20 Percent Of Staff

SOLS, a company using 3D-printing technology to make custom shoe insoles, has laid off 20 percent of its workforce, or 14 employees in total across all teams, TechCrunch has confirmed. The staff reduc

SOLS Lets You Buy 3D-Printed Insoles, Customized To Your Feet, Right From An iPhone App

SOLS, a company taking advantage of 3D-printing techniques to custom print shoe insoles that help alleviate foot and back pain, among other ailments, is today making its product available directly to

SOLS, A Maker Of 3D-Printed Shoe Insoles, Raises $11.1 Million To Bring Its Product To Consumers And Athletes

SOLS, a 3D-printing company which, to date, has focused on printing custom shoe insoles prescribed by doctors for foot pain and other ailments, has now raised an additional $11.1 million in funding t

SOLS, Maker Of 3D-Printed Shoe Insoles, Raises $6.4M Series A

SOLS, a 3D-printing company which is today focused on custom printed shoe insoles that help with foot pain and other ailments, has raised $6.4 million in Series A funding, in a round again led by the

SOLS Raises $1.75 Million To Make 3D-Printed Shoe Insoles Both Sexy & Mainstream

Kegan Schouwenburg had been looking for the product that could help take 3D printing technology to the mainstream, and ended up finding inspiration in an unexpected space: orthotics. Now co-founder an