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  • Solar Impulse 2 takes off the final leg of its round-the-world flight

    Solar Impulse 2 takes off the final leg of its round-the-world flight

    In the wee hours of the morning, the Solar Impulse 2 took from Cairo, embarking on the last leg of its round-the-world journey. The 17th and final part of the trip is set to end in Abu Dhabi, where it first set off from in March 2015. The last leg of the journey is anticipated to take around 48 hours, at which point pilots Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg will have flown a total of… Read More

  • Solar Impulse flight a great success, flies for 26 straight hours powered only by the Sun

    Yes! The Solar Impulse’s flight that I mentioned yesterday was a huge success! It landed safely in Switzerland after a 26-hour haul across the Heavens. The people behind the flight hope that it will prove to skeptics that solar power is a viable form of energy after all. I mean, powering all of life on Earth apparently means nothing to these skeptics, but to see an aeroplane in the air? Read More

  • Solar Impulse, the solar-powered airplane, tries to fly 24 hours

    A solar-powered airplane, named the Solar Impulse, means to prove, once and for all, that harnessing the energy of the Sun is a good and practical idea. I mean, why would we try to capture some of the energy put out by a completely free nuclear reactor hanging in the sky? The plane took off from Switzerland a little bit ago, and will try to fly for 24 hours without stopping. Here’s… Read More