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Fleksy Third-Party Keyboard Is Already On iOS 8 In Beta

Fleksy wasted no time in getting its third-party software keyboard onto iOS 8, after Apple announced it would be supporting outside input software system-wide. The startup is also accepting beta teste

Minuum Shows Off Just How Smart A Smart Keyboard Could Be On A Smart TV

Typing using any kind of remote control that doesn’t include a full QWERTY keyboard is a nightmare, and everyone knows it. I still enter text into my Xbox One using the gamepad, despite its supp

Apple Patents Autocorrect Review System, Language Auto-Detect For Mobile Messaging

Apple has patented a system that could greatly reduce the volume of material available for blogs like ‘Damn You Autocorrect,’ should it ever make its way to shipping software. AppleInsider

Fleksy Launches Its First SDK Partners On iOS To Demo The Power Of Third-Party Keyboards

San Francisco-based Fleksy has launched its in-app SDK integration for iOS via four new partners who implement the software in their own apps today. These include Launch Center Pro, Wordbox, GV Connec

Minuum, The Super Simple Software Keyboard, Launches Android Beta Today

Toronto-based Whirlscape attracted plenty of attention when it first debuted its innovative Minuum software keyboard, and sought funding for the project on Indiegogo. Now, the project is moving forwar