Minuum Shows Off Just How Smart A Smart Keyboard Could Be On A Smart TV

Typing using any kind of remote control that doesn’t include a full QWERTY keyboard is a nightmare, and everyone knows it. I still enter text into my Xbox One using the gamepad, despite its support for external keyboards and despite the availability of the Xbox SmartGlass app, because I enjoy punishing myself. But there could be a better way coming to your smart TV devices soon.

Above, you can see that the Minuum smart TV integration works with remotes that include motion-detection capabilities like Nintendo’s Wii remote control. That’s actually not so uncommon in modern remote technology, as smart TV makers vie to differentiate their products from one another. So while the demo above uses a Wii remote, this should work with a range of different OEM tech.

It’s only one way in which Minuum’s single-dimension predictive tech could work with simplified input, however, meaning that even if motion is supported, other input mechanisms could be. Minuum does a pretty good job of breaking down why it believes virtually anything built using its software is better than the alternatives out there.

Minuum has already shown us what its keyboard software can bring to the table for smartwatches, and the Toronto-based startup is clearly making a big-picture play to be anywhere and everywhere you need to type. Can its one-size approach really be the new best input method for virtually every device category? It’s too early to say, but we’ll start to see as official partnerships and integrations come to market.