• Fly or Die Review of iPad2, EcoATM and SocialEyes

    Fly Or Die: The iPad2, ecoATM, and SocialEyes

    Last week was about the other tablets, but this week was all about the iPad 2. You’ve read all the posts and previews, but will it fly as high as Steve Jobs says it will? And what, if anything could kill the iPad 2? Watch this episode of Fly or Die to find out. Crunchgear editor John Biggs and I also discuss the prospects of two new startups that just launched this week at DEMO… Read More

  • Former RealNetworks Execs Want You To "SocialEyes" With Video Chat

    Video chat has been tried countless times on the Web and mostly failed, but a new startup called SocialEyes is giving it another shot. Backed by $5.1 million from RealNetworks founder Rob Glaser and Ignition Partners, SocialEyes is a group video chat service that hooks into your Facebook social graph. SocialEyes is Chatroulette + Facebook, with a little bit of the old video Seesmic thrown in. Read More