Fly Or Die: The iPad2, ecoATM, and SocialEyes

Last week was about the other tablets, but this week was all about the iPad 2. You’ve read all the posts and previews, but will it fly as high as Steve Jobs says it will? And what, if anything could kill the iPad 2? Watch this episode of Fly or Die to find out.

Crunchgear editor John Biggs and I also discuss the prospects of two new startups that just launched this week at DEMO, ecoATM and SocialEyes. The ecoATM is a kiosk that takes your old cell phones and recycles them for cash. SocialEyes, which I covered earlier this week, brings your Facebook friends into a multiple-party video chat experience.

As always, one of the founders of the companies we talk about appears during the show as a surprise guest to challenge our instant analysis and answer some questions. (John and I don’t know who the guest will be until halfway through the show). Be sure to watch for that exchange—it’s always my favorite part of the show.

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