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Evaptainers decouples refrigeration from electricity to help rural farms and families

Some 1.4 billion people lack access to electricity worldwide today, most in rural areas across Southeast Asia, China, India and Sub-Saharan Africa. While others are focused on wiring up those places a

A call to action for tech

Tech is uniting against Trump. From 127 tech firms teaming up against Trump’s immigration ban, to Google employees’ massive walkout in response to the immigration ban, to Lyft’s $3 million donat

London’s social impact accelerator BGV plans seed fund

London-based 'social impact' accelerator, Bethnal Green Ventures, which backs pre-seed startups with ideas for using tech to tackle social and/or environmental problems, has taken £1.3 million in fun

Investing in GoodBusiness

Since 2001, impact VC firms have raised $13 billion to invest in companies that provide a social or environmental benefit as part of running their for-large-profit business. Indeed, $10 billion of tha

NY Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall envisions AI bringing mental health to the masses

New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall paid a visit to Silicon Valley this week to explore opportunities and potential partnerships with tech companies around mental health issues. Part of the

Impact Is The New Mobile

It’s no longer acceptable for a website to not render well on mobile. In the next decade, it won’t be enough for a company to merely be profitable -- customers, employees and investors will all de

Twitter’s Social Impact Can’t Be Measured, But It’s The Pulse Of The Planet

When you sit back and think about how far Twitter has come since it launched in 2006, its rise to glory is impressive. It’s difficult to make your way through a day without seeing a tweet refere