Social Currency

Roll still doesn’t know how its hot wallet was hacked

Move fast, break things, get hacked. That’s what happened at Roll, the social currency platform that allows creators to mint and distribute their own Ethereum-based cryptocurrency known as socia

Crypto social network BitClout arrives with a bevy of high-profile investors — and skeptics

While much of the recent wave of relentless hype around NFTs — or non-fungible tokens — has been most visibly manifested in high-dollar art auctions or digital trading cards sales, there&#

How Social Currency Is Driving Identity, Trust and New Industries

As our lives increasingly move to the digital realm – whether it’s what we read, what we watch, photos that once sat in frames now uploaded to a server farm somewhere in the rural United States, o

Chamillionaire Just Wants Your Business Card

<img src="" alt="" />Grammy award winning artist <a href="">Chamillionaire</a> (a.k.a Hakeem Seri