Guest Post: Groupon clone wars – Who will win the Battle of Britain?

<img class="shot" title="tim_oshea" src="" alt="" width="199" height="209" /><em>This is a guest post by Tim O’Shea (Twitter: <a href="h

Shoot to kill – Groupon clone Snippa enters the deadpool

<img class="shot" title="Snippa" src="" alt="" width="218" height="79" />[UK] With over 12 UK competitors, it's no surprise that the Groupon

Attack of the Groupon clones 2 – If you can't beat 'em, aggregate 'em

<img src="" alt="" title="logo" width="203" height="104" class="shot" />[UK] There doesn't seem to be a week gone by without the launch of ano

Attack of the Groupon clones – Here comes Snippa

<img src="" alt="" title="snippa" width="218" height="79" class="shot" />[UK] Now this is getting a little silly. <a href="