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Attack of the Groupon clones 2 – If you can't beat 'em, aggregate 'em

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[UK] There doesn’t seem to be a week gone by without the launch of another Groupon clone. In fact, so hot is the group buying space that we’re now hearing of a number of sites that do nothing more than aggregate the daily deals of the Groupon clones.

West Sussex-based Deal Romeo, which has only just launched, is one such offering. The site, which is privately funded and was founded by brothers Dexter Grima (23) and Jason Grima (26) in February this year, aggregates the best offers available from 12 of the UK’s group buying sites. These include Groupola, My City Deal, Scrum Buy, Wowcher, Deal Bunch, Viva Voucher, KGB Deals, Wahanda, Snippa, Likebees, Deal Mob and London’s Best.

It lets users search for offers based on their location and interests and have the results delivered regularly by email.

The offers themselves – the data – is pulled in using Deal Romeo’s “advanced system algorithm”, a fancy way of describing the site’s scraper as none of the group buying sites, as far as I know, offer an API for third-parties to access their data. That said, Deal Romeo says it’s been welcomed by the sites it aggregates who are keen to see their deals get additional exposure. Right now, Deal Romeo doesn’t charge a fee to be included in its index but hopes to eventually generate affiliate revenue via click-throughs, presumably once or if it scales.

Deal Romeo is currently available in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Brighton, Liverpool, Glasgow, Reading, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol and Cardiff, with more cities to come, says the company.

As for the competition, we know of at least one other group buying aggregator. US-based, which indexes and categorizes 170+ offers from over 60 group buying sites across 50 cities in the US, Canada and UK. But I suspect there are others.

  • Colin Bruce

    Groupon has a nice API.

    If none of the UK based clones have an API then deal Romeo should just create their own.

  • Freddie

    Amazing how the groupon clone market expands… Heard rumours that VivaVoucher has been absorbed by Reduti and will relaunch this coming week as

  • Johann Q
    • Michael Müller

      For Germany I would also advise with a unique map interface 

      • Julia

        Has no better offers than other providers. In the voucher business, it is identical. Asalso seen, etc. all look the same and just copy all the same coupons.

  • Fact checker

    Dear Journalist, Just for your reference, Snippa is no longer in business so should not have been included in your piece.

    Additionally, with regards to your last paragraph “As for the competition, we know of at least one other group buying aggregator…But I suspect there are others.”, perhaps a little bit of research (including researching past TC US articles) would help you uncover a few others in the space. if that is not too much to ask from an esteemed tech journalist such as yourself.

    • Steve O'Hear

      Why would I want to do that when I have “Fact Checker” ;)

      Seriously, thanks for the Snippa heads up.

      • Fact checker

        No worries – a good piece nonetheless :-)
        It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

        For your reference, this is the TC US article that mentions the other players in the aggregation space:

  • joe lonsdale

    Further fact – still in the space but not mentioned in the article!

  • Iván Dito

    I´d like to know what´s the real business model on dealromeo or localofferlounge??

    “affiliate” “pay per lead” or “simply advertising model website” what do iu think about it?? seems something interesting…..

  • Josh

    Canada has a few too, especially in Toronto. Looks like is the leader so far

  • Jay

    TeamBuy all the way!!!

  • Nikki

    One of leading aggregator sites in the US is

  • Chris

    The list goes on – with (yes that’s a .co address) slipping into the fray. Given that Groupon is such a fantastic idea (aren’t you just a little jealous you did’n think of this first?) we are likely to see many sites flourish and then wither with a few strong (and probably already dominant) survivors.

    But if you are in this kind of high competition business what can you do to win? When our clients want to play the big boys at their own game we recommend they:

    1. find a massive way to differentiate themselves. That could be my market, geographic area, technology or some other value added for your customer
    2. do it better, there is nothing your customers will like more than you improving on what they think is already a great thing. Tough to do in this setting but not impossible
    3. offer your customers more. We can assume that margins are likely to shrink so the benefit of group buying diminishes. But what about pairing multiple offers, or a premiere club to get higher discounts or …

    If you are running a Groupon-clone or thinking of entering this crowded and competitive market you are going to have to be nimble and more creative than a new add exec on her first day at work.

  • Wes Bos

    Great Sites, In Canada the big deal aggregator is – Check it out!

  • Matthew

    We say Click, Buy, Save! Actually, it’s save big time! launches January 2011 and already offers $100 to visitors who recommend a seller that participates! Yup! That’s $100 in cold cash; not coupons; not gift cards; not credits; Just cash. Find out more at We’re making life a little more affordable for Canadians!

    • Mel

      Any leads to the site as I made purchases but have not printed the vouchers.  Now the site is non- existed! 

    • Mel

      Any leads to the site as I made purchases but have not printed the vouchers.  Now the site is non- existed! 

  • Is Groupola heading to the deadpool?

    […] in other group buying news, Deal Romeo, the UK Groupon-clone aggregator appears to be up for sale (asking price is £50,000). We’ve put in a request for information, […]

  • Frank

    One of the top deal aggregation sites in Canada is that sends you an e-mail every morning with all the deals for that day in cities across Canada.

  • Guest

    Check out the largest Canadian local deals network at
    Over 1,000 new deals every week from all Canadian group buying sites and dozens of other sources.

  • Elinmy

    German customers should also check

    You can find most of the german deals and the page is loading quite fast…

  • Anonymous

    We are rapidly working on to aggregate daily deals from group buying websites around the world.

    • Anonymous

      If you are interested to see an example of an “advanced system algorithm” quoted above, we do publicly share our crawler information at

  • dhiya

    There are a couple of other softwares that I haven’t reviewed yet but intend to in the near future. Stay tuned!

  • Marcjac

    Yeah, it is definetly not easy to keep up with all the emerging groupon-clones. But I found a website which provides an overview of almost all of them:

  • Satheesh Kumar

    Singapore’s 1st Geolocation view based site – . Check it out.

  • Anonymous

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  • James

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  • Inna

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