SnapKeys Updates Its Invisible Keyboard For Android So You Can Move Its Keys To Fit Your Fingers

SnapKeys, an 'invisible' touchscreen keyboard maker, has updated its Si Revolution Android keyboard app, adding the ability to position the keys anywhere on the screen. The size of the keyboard can al

SnapKeys Adds A Second Software Keyboard To Its Qwerty-Attacking Arsenal

After last month's full launch of its Si Evolution Qwerty alternative, invisible keyboard maker SnapKeys is launching a second keyboard later today -- called Si Revolution -- which pushes the typing d

SnapKeys’ Invisible Keyboard Exits Beta & Lands In A Mobile Messaging App To Try To Drive Qwerty Aside

There is no shortage of startups attacking the virtual keyboard space, as you'd expect with so much scope to improve the experience of touchscreen typing. Yesterday Toronto-based Whirlscape launched a

SnapKeys Si Invisible Keyboard Gives The Finger To QWERTY On Touchscreen Devices

When all-touch tablets and smartphones hit the market, the logical evolution was touchscreen keyboards in the same QWERTY array we've grown accustomed to. Many of us have gotten used to it, thanks to