Sony Pictures is buying the Japanese anime distributor behind ‘Dragon Ball Z’

Sony Pictures is taking a majority stake in the distribution response for smash-hit anime series ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and others. The company announced today that it is making an undisclosed in

Smash Is A Wearable For Tracking Tennis Technique

Fitness wearables are getting more specialized. There’s Sensoria’s smart running socks. The Krack trick-tracker for skateboarders. And now¬†Smash: a wearable bracelet¬†for tennis players t

SMASH: Electric guitar made just to get destroyed, then recycled

<img src="" /> I don't know how to begin this, so I'll get right to it: A Japanese company called K's Japan is offering <a

Start your day violently with the Smash Clock

<img src="" />There are many, many crazy alarm clocks available, all designed to rouse you from the sweet embrace of the sandman.

Video: Casio G-Shock gets violently disassembled

<img src="" />If you're a fan of the Casio G-Shock Riseman, you might not want to watch this. It's brutal, and bloody. It even ma

Semi go smashy smashy on iPhone, iPhone victorious

I wouldn’t have believed it but it looks like this iPhone survived a meeting with a semi with few ill effects. Sure, the screen is cracked and the back is pretty mangled but you could potentiall