SMASH: Electric guitar made just to get destroyed, then recycled

I don’t know how to begin this, so I’ll get right to it: A Japanese company called K’s Japan is offering an “electric guitar” [JP] that’s just made to get destroyed. And, after you smashed the thing to bits, you can recycle it. So what we have here is a “destroyable price and recyclable system” (K’s Japan’s official tag line), which is ideal for guitarists who want to look cool without sacrificing their real instrument.

The eco-friendly guitar, aptly named SMASH, is available in either black or white (see below). When you smash the guitar, you’ll be able to hear a special “devastating” sound coming from it.

K’s Japan says every single part of the instrument, which weighs 2.5kg, is recyclable. Send the parts back to the company, and it will reassemble them to create a new guitar that can be given to charity.

You need to be over 18 to buy the SMASH. It’s already available in Japan where it costs $60. Contact import/export specialists like the Japan Trend Shop or Rinkya if you’re interested in getting one but live outside this country.

Via Mycom Journal [JP]

Hat tip to Akky Akimoto [JP]!