• The Skiff, she is dead

    Not to say I told you so, but I told you so. The Skiff newsreader that made waves at last CES is dead, abandoned by News Corp. who bought the e-reader software but not the device from Hearst. The software will probably be used in News Corp’s “Next Issue Media” endeavor that was supposed to be Hulu for magazines. In the end, the Skiff was too strange to survive. Outsized, ugly… Read More

  • Can the Skiff save the magazine industry?

    There has been quite a bit of talk about Hearst’s Skiff ereader and we got a hands-on last night before the show closed. The device is about as big as a Kindle DX (11.5-inch display and a very thin bezel) but quite thin (.25-inches). They use a metal board spun-coated with e-ink instead of a glass sheet for the screen, which will definitely prevent the heartbreak of shattered ereaders… Read More

  • The Skiff Reader is 11.5-inches of pure ebook hotness

    CES is bound to be full of slate computers and e-book readers. But the Skiff Reader might stick out from the rest thanks to its huge 11.5-inch display and very thin bezel. That’s nearly two inches bigger than the Kindle DX, but yet the whole device is only .25-inches thick. Nice, eh? Oh, and it uses Sprint’s 3G network. Read More