• The Juiced Board is a valiant attempt at securing the budget electric skateboard market

    The Juiced Board is a valiant attempt at securing the budget electric skateboard market

    When it looks, feels and is packaged like a competitor’s, is it really competition or just a knockoff? The Juiced Board comes dangerously close to echoing that sort of sentiment. Juiced and Boosted are words that loosely share the same meaning, but it’s the appearances where both electric skateboards really seem to converge. Until now, I never would have recommended a… Read More

  • Eight Lessons From The Hoverboard Craze Crunch Network

    Eight Lessons From The Hoverboard Craze

    Are those the hoverboards we are looking for? Read More

  • My 2016 Tech Predictions

    I’ve been thinking about some of the cool things happening in the world and I wanted to note a few important trends I’m seeing. From Money to Hoverboards, things are changing quickly. Read More

  • Chair + Skateboard = Isukebo

    What do you get when you cross a chair with a skateboard? The Isukebo [JP] of course, as manufactured by Japan-based RollingFoot. It’s essentially more of a chair with wheels that you can navigate like riding on a skateboard, foot brake included. Read More

  • Is this really a motorized skateboard?

    My buddy Paul just bought this odd $229 motorized skateboard – you know, for kids. It apparently runs at 12 miles an hour and can support an adult up to 250 pounds. I’ve never seen these – it seems like they’re the logical follow-up to the pocket bike craze. Read More

  • Zazzle starts printing custom skateboard decks

    Though I still skate no better than the day I started, I’ve spent quite a few summers bombing hills and racking up scars. I honestly can not count how many guys I’ve met over the years totally set on starting their own board company, only to lose the dream before it really began; they’d draft up a dozen designs, get all their friends pumped — and then have absolutely… Read More

  • Aluminum skateboards from Corbusboards

    Corbusboards has created some unique skateboards fabricated out of aluminum. Corbus is calling them prototypes, but the Fishbone and Seahorse models are available to purchase. The company isn’t kidding themselves; they know these aren’t trick boards. Made for cruising, the design is a cross between a long-board and a short-board. Corbus does have plans to produce upcoming models… Read More

  • Wii-like Skateboard: Is The Term 'Sidewalk Surfer' Still Used?

    Somehow I just don’t see the Nintendo Wii-skateboard connection, but Black Market does. Unofficially, that is. This upcoming skateboard deck—I think that’s what you call them; my Tony Hawk days are long gone—looks a hell of a lot like the Wii remote control. It also doesn’t seem to have Nintendo’s blessing, which means we can expect a lawsuit in 4.2… Read More