Is this really a motorized skateboard?


My buddy Paul just bought this odd $229 motorized skateboard – you know, for kids. It apparently runs at 12 miles an hour and can support an adult up to 250 pounds. I’ve never seen these – it seems like they’re the logical follow-up to the pocket bike craze.

# This smooth-riding board can scramble to 12 miles per hour thanks to its 150 watt electric engine.
# Travels approximately 12 miles (flat ground) on a single charge.
# Two speeds – low gear uses 12 volts and then shifts to high gear and 24 volts. This is done automatically as the speed builds up.
# Can support up to a 250 pound adult

Have you guys seen these? Will we kill ourselves riding them? You can get them on eBay, which makes me think they might not be amazingly hight quality.