• EA Acquires Karaoke Site SingShot

    Electronic Arts announced today that it has acquired San Francisco based online karaoke site SingShot for an undisclosed sum. Kareoke sites are real crowd pleasers and this is the third in a year to be acquired. Fox Interactive Media acquired kSolo in April, then Yahoo! scooped up Bix in November. All three acquisitions brought experienced social media executives into the fold of larger… Read More

  • SingShot Enters Online Karaoke Space

    kSolo, acquired by Fox Interactive back in May, faces some new competition in the online karaoke space. SingShot is releasing their own variation of online karaoke tomorrow. The new service is essentially a copy of kSolo heavily influenced by the successful YouTube user interface. All the basic functionality of the kSolo product is there. Performers can select from a library of songs that are… Read More