EA Acquires Karaoke Site SingShot

Electronic Arts announced today that it has acquired San Francisco based online karaoke site SingShot for an undisclosed sum. Kareoke sites are real crowd pleasers and this is the third in a year to be acquired. Fox Interactive Media acquired kSolo in April, then Yahoo! scooped up Bix in November.

All three acquisitions brought experienced social media executives into the fold of larger companies – Nimrod Lev from kSolo, Mike Speiser from Bix and now SingShot CEO Ranah Edelin and CTO Niranjan Nagar who previously helped build Rhapsody Digital Music before it was acquired by Real Networks.

The SingShot team will join the EA Sims Division, but EA says the technology “can be applied to several different community projects within EA.” That’s similar to what Yahoo! said when it acquired Bix. Speiser went from head of Bix to product management for Yahoo! Groups, 360, and Photos under the title VP of Community

As a large company, it doesn’t hurt to have a nice, small, successful karaoke site in your portfolio – but what’s probably most important is the infusion of executives who have built successful social media sites before.