• Microsoft Tries To Declare A Christmas Truce With Apple

    Microsoft Tries To Declare A Christmas Truce With Apple

    Microsoft has put out a TV commercial for the holidays. In it, some things happen…mostly singing. There are employees, kids and other things going on in a New York City setting. Apple’s back yard on 5th Ave, to be specific. My colleague Alex and I hopped into Slack, watched it together and shared our thoughts. We think that Microsoft is trying to say that they’re friends, or… Read More

  • Robots add new arsenal in their war against humanity: singing!

    Way back in March I wrote about the HRP-4C robot that walks and talks. At CEATEC today I saw this thing in person. And now it sings! Watch the video! Read More

  • Try these Karaoke pills in case you suck at singing

    I swear the timing of this posting has nothing to do with this one. It just so happened I came across these Karaoke pills today at Rakuten [JP], Japan’s biggest online shopping mall. The Fushigi na Karaoke Taburetto (Mysterious Karaoke Pills) seem to have magical powers indeed. According to the manufacturer, they treat bad breath, expand your singing range by softening the vocal cords… Read More

  • Midomi: Better than TrackID

    I’m incapable of reciting song lyrics or quote movies. If my life depended on it then I’d no longer be here. I can’t even quote a single line from a movie that I’ve seen over a hundred times like Karate Kid or Harold & Kumar. I’m even worse with songs. I’m the guy that hums along and pipes in sporadically with a line or two. But I can hum the shit out of… Read More