Tim Cook-backed shower startup Nebia shows off a warmer, water-saving shower head

I’m not in the habit of getting naked during meetings at startup offices, but this time it felt appropriate. Nebia, a shower startup that has attracted investments from the likes of Apple CEO Ti

Internet Stone Soup

I’d wake up my computer and discover, to my dismay, that it had not. I was a full-time blogger, the little brother to the journalist, the digital-ink-stained wretch that pounded out content for

Hamwells e-Shower Connects Your Shower To The Internet Of Things (And Bathing)

In the near future, all of our shower accoutrements will be connected. In fact, everything from your soap to the loofah will talk to your e-Shower head if Hamwells has anything to say about it. The

Back Hair Beware: Extended-reach body hair trimmer

Here’s too much information for you: being of Nordic descent, I have an average to slightly below average amount of body hair. No hair on my back, though, so I’ll probably never need to use the $4

LED shower light turns blue when cold, red when hot

If you’re like me, you’ll agree that there’s nothing in the whole wide world that’s quite as bad as getting your hand wet. I hate it! So it pleases me greatly to see this $40 s

Want to shower with your PSP? Good for you, man

I’m not going to harp on anybody for having a “problem” just because they can’t put down their PSP for five minutes once a week to clean themselves. More power to those of you

Shampoo? Check. Conditioner? Check. iPod? Check.

I’m not a huge listen-to-music-in-the-shower person but I’ve had bathroom speakers rigged up in various ways over the years, just in case the mood hits. This new doodad looks cool and it&#

MP3s In Your Shower: Finally, A Sensible Invention

I love solutions to problems that don’t really exist, like, say, wanting my shower head to control my MP3s. Until now that was an impossible dream, like the Cubs wining the Series (or even a pen

Daily Crunch: Glowworm Edition

Tron Coming to Xbox Live Arcade The Coolest Halo 3 Figurines Ever Hippy Bath in a Bag LawnBott, Where Have You Been All These Years? Why You Can’t Just Go Ahead and Post“09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8

Daily Crunch: Shower Scene

Geek Squad Dude Caught Recording Showering Women Juke Tower In-Shower MP3 Player: Bring Your Own Memory Fake Chopsticks for Wannabe Asian Food Nuts The Futurist: Technology and Toys — Sometimes Low-

Juke Tower In-Shower MP3 Player: Bring Your Own Memory

Add the Juke Tower digital audio player to the long list of weird Japanese gadgets. It’s a no-frills DAP, but one that’s designed for use in the shower. Its designer wanted to make it rese