ShoCard and SITA want to store your ID details on the blockchain to authenticate travelers

<a target="_blank" href="">ShoCard</a> and SITA, the IT company for the air transport industry, have been working together on an interesting project. They’ve been looking at ways

ShoCard Raises $1.5 Million For Its Digital Identity Card On The Blockchain

What if you could get rid of your driver's license? We're not there yet, but <a target="_blank" href="">ShoCard</a> just raised $1.5 million from <a target="_blank" href="https:/

ShoCard Is A Digital Identity Card On The Blockchain

Meet ShoCard, a startup that stores your identity onto bitcoin's blockchain so that you can prove your identity whenever you need to. ShoCard wants to replace cumbersome bank and credit card identific

Meet The Startup Battlefield Companies Of Disrupt NY 2015

TechCrunch is pleased to announce the 25 startups selected to participate in the Startup Battlefield of Disrupt NY 2015. Over the next two days, these companies will compete on the massive Disrupt sta