• No Cable Killer After All: KIT digital Buys Assets Of Sezmi For $27 Million

    No Cable Killer After All: KIT digital Buys Assets Of Sezmi For $27 Million

    So much for Sezmi‘s ambitious plans to kill cable TV: the assets of the cloud-based TV delivery platform company were recently acquired by KIT digital for approximately $27 million in a mixture of stock and cash. Sezmi, founded in 2007 under the name Building B by the former CTO of Sony Music (and later CTO of Sony’s US subsidiary) Phil Wiser and serial entrepreneur Buno Pati… Read More

  • Startups Continue To Attract Funding, Create Jobs

    Let’s kick off the week on a positive note: innovative startups in the U.S. continue to attract capital from investors, and in turn are doing their part to counter the trend of the rising unemployment rate in the country. Evernote, an information capturing service provider, recently closed a $10 million round while personal TV service Sezmi has been able to add another $25 million to… Read More

  • Sezmi: a complete set-top and cable replacement system that will die gloriously

    This startup has an ambitious plan: to unify and replace all your TV-related services and combine them into one box. Satellite TV? Check. Cable? Check. On-Demand Video? Check. Sezmi is working with some of the major distributors and content providers to create a one-stop box for all the stuff that comes separately these days. The idea is that the separate services will still be there in… Read More