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Lyft partners with Udacity to hire self-driving car engineers

Lyft is teaming up with Udacity to find talent for its Level 5 autonomous-driving engineering team. The partnership entails a challenge designed to identify the best candidates in Udacity’s self

Uber will not re-apply for self-driving car permit in California

Uber, after suspending its self-driving car operations in all markets following a fatal crash, has decided not to re-apply for its self-driving car permit in California. Uber’s current permit in

Video: The driver of the autonomous Uber was distracted before fatal crash

The Tempe, Arizona police department have released a video showing the moments before the fatal crash that involved Uber’s self-driving car. The video includes the view of the street from the Ub

Uber’s fatal self-driving car crash prompts NTSB investigation

The National Transportation Safety Board is opening an investigation into the fatal accident involving one of Uber’s self-driving cars in Tempe, Arizona. NTSB sending team to investigate Uber cr

Luminar’s game-changing LiDAR makes its way to TRI’s self-driving car

When I ask around about who has the most potential to make big waves in the LiDAR industry, one name tops the list: Luminar, the startup that emerged from stealth earlier this year after five years de

Apple gets permit to test autonomous cars in California

It’s no secret, Apple has been working hard on a self-driving car. Today, the California DMV has released an updated list of companies allowed to test autonomous vehicles on the roads of California.

Apple reveals autonomous vehicle ambitions in letter to US regulators

Apple has publicly revealed its ambitions to play in the emerging market of self-driving vehicles with a policy recommendation letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Wall Str

Apple reportedly doesn’t want to build a car anymore — just its brain

Apple has been working on a not-so-secret car project for years. Project Titan, as it is called internally, has already gone through a bunch of leadership and roadmap changes. According to a new repor

Uber acquires Otto to lead Uber’s self-driving car effort

Uber is making yet another big push in the self-driving car space. In addition to launching self-driving rides in Pittsburgh with the help of Volvo, the company is acquiring Otto and its all-star team

BMW’s CEO reveals plans for the i NEXT, a self-driving car set for a 2021 debut

Before you get too excited, the above image is the Vision NEXT 100, the concept car BMW showed off back in March to note that, as it celebrated its 100th anniversary, the company was spending more tim

LeEco wheels out its own self-driving electric concept car, following deals with Faraday Future and Aston Martin

If you know LeEco at all, it’s likely for the Chinese company’s smartphones. Or, maybe you’ve caught wind of its video streaming services or smart televisions — it was known as LeTV until fair

Test drive: Self-parking in the 2016 Jaguar XF S

I recently had the opportunity to test drive the 2016 Jaguar XF S, which is a stately four-door luxury sedan with comfortable leather seats and supercharged V6 engine that could get a person in a lot

Google Self-Driving Car’s Chris Urmson On California DMV: “Same Old Status Quo”

Yesterday, the California DMV posted a draft of proposed regulations for self-driving vehicles. Obviously, Google was waiting to see what came down and now that they’ve had some time to look thr

Google Self-Driving Car Update From October: No Crashes, Halloween Helpful

Today, Google shared their self-driving car project monthly report. Good news, there were no accidents. There were however, some interesting learnings that the team shared about how they’re trai

Google Names John Krafcik Its Self-Driving Car Project CEO

Easily one of the most exciting areas of Alphabet/Google's future is its self-driving car unit. Today, that group got a CEO with a massive amount of automotive experience. Right now, the company repor

When The Bus Will Be Its Own Boss

Thousands of cabs make their way through the streets of London. Hundreds of buses pick up and drop off passengers. Trucks carry their cargo. They are, of course, autonomous; like Google’s self-drivi

Driverless Cars Are Already Here

With big initiatives under way from Google, Apple, Daimler and more, the autonomous car is driving into view as the future of transportation. Whenever we imagine this technology, the reality always se

Conan Shows Us A World Where Google’s Self Driving Car “Has A Few Bugs”

Last week, Google <a href="">showed off the prototype for its self-driving cars</a>. Designed from scratch, the little bug-like vehicles loo

Google’s Self-Driving Car Project Is A World’s Fair Fantasy Turned City Street Reality

Google has made a lot of progress on its self-driving car project in the past few years, and just this week it began ferrying journalists around Mountain View in the autonomous vehicles. The company s

Google’s Self-Driving Cars Complete 300K Miles Without Accident, Deemed Ready For Commuting

Google's self-driving car project is probably one of the most audacious experiments the company has embarked upon. Today, Google <a target="_blank" href="