sekisui house

  • Building as a modular gadget Crunch Network

    Building as a modular gadget

    Researchers and companies have been exploring new ways to improve buildings through analytics software, prefabrication, connected devices, new materials and construction automation. It’s striking that most of these efforts are trying to patch problems within the legacy framework of “permanent” construction. Could it be that the one thing that is taken for granted is the… Read More

  • Video: Futuristic Smart House

    It’s not the first “next-generation home” we have covered so far, but major Japanese housing manufacturer Sekisui House‘s so-called “Smart House” is definitely one of the coolest concepts so far. Apart from Sekisui, telecom giant NTT Docomo, NEC, and Namco Bandai Games have been involved in the creation of the prototype house that was recently showcased… Read More

  • Japanese company sells solar-powered apartments

    Japan has all kinds of solar-powered stuff: cell phones, cars, ships, and even carports and satellites. And now Tokyo-based Sekisui House plans to sell apartments fitted with sophisticated solar energy generation and control systems, which will not only power rooms but also allow residents to sell surplus electricity directly to utilities. Read More