• Segways Pretty Much Banned In UK

    Are Segways dangerous? Personally, it all depends on the driver; whether or not they’re skilled, intoxicated or texting can have a lot to do with the safety of said transporter. But that no longer matters for riders in the UK because just a few days ago a UK judge ruled the Segway unsafe for sidewalks. So where is the Woz supposed to ride? Read More

  • The Ewee-PT, A Budget German Segway

    People movers. What would we do without them? Walk, I suppose. Unfortunately, that’s not the best solution for some, whom age, injury, or circumstance have rendered less than ambulatory. For them, the Segway (or its peanut-esque cousin, Honda’s U3-X) may be a bonanza. Read More

  • Steadiseg: Finally, a use for a Segway I can get on board with

    You see a lot of Steadicam work in movies today, and while the best of it goes unnoticed (as good technical work should), it’s fun to know that behind every smooth shot is a skilled and often immensely strong camera operator with some serious apparatus to make things as steady as possible. But this application of a Segway to the noble art of Steadicamming might just save some camera… Read More

  • Videos: Mobile robot RODEM

    There’s certainly no shortage of so-called mobility robots, but major Japanese robot maker tmsuk‘s offering seems to be quite cool. In fact, the RODEM (short for “Robot De Enjoy Mobility”) is being pitched as a mix between robot, wheelchair and ultra-small vehicle (or “Universal Vehicle” [JP, PDF], in tmsuk’s marketing language). Read More

  • New video shows Honda's U3-X Personal Mobility Robot in its full prototype glory

    Remember the U3-X Mobility Robot from Honda we blogged about last year? Well, the auto-unicycle is still a prototype, but Honda has just released a new (and pretty interesting) promo video on its official YouTube channel. The company says the U3-X can run continuously for one hour on a single (lithium-ion) battery charge and can be recharged via a conventional 120-volt power outlet. Read More

  • DIY Segway skateboard. Yeah, you read that right: DIY

    I know of only one person who would be able to build this thing – my buddy Paul – but I would totally grab a beer and watch him solder everything together and then ride around on this thing like a little freak. Heck, if you try to build this, tell me and we’ll come by and film you riding it. Seriously. The instructions are pretty complex and you need quite a few parts… Read More

  • Segway Acquired By UK-Based Firm, CEO Out

    With no fanfare to speak of, Segway Inc, the company behind the gyroscope-powered, self balancing scooters, has been acquired by a UK-based firm. The news was first reported this morning by Mass High Tech, and has since been confirmed on Segway’s official blog. Segway has also confirmed that CEO James Norrod is no longer with the company. According to a forum post, the new CEO is… Read More

  • DIY balancing scooter will make you the envy of geeks everywhere

    I admit it: I would love to have a Segway. Yes, I realize they’re not really all that practical for everyday life in Columbus, OH. Yes, I realize they make you look like a total nerd. I’m prepared to reconcile both of those facts against what I perceive as the unadulterated fun of riding such a contraption. Unfortunately, I don’t have the cash to buy a Segway. If I had… Read More

  • Can't afford a Puma? Try the Legway

    I made my feelings on the Puma known— to both our listeners on the weekly podcast. This alternative to the multi-thousand-dollar fantasy weirdo-cycle relies only on your own two feet. Kind of like walking, which would be cheaper, but less awesome. Read More

  • Test Drive: Project PUMA [Update]

    Here’s a quick video I took on my BlackBerry of the PUMA in action. To recap – the PUMA is a two-wheeled Segway that can drive up to 35 miles on a single charge (35 cents per charge) and is capable of going up to 35MPH. Oh, I just overheard one of the higher ups say that PUMA will have a beefed up suspension to handle rough terrain like NYC’s pothole riddled streets. Check… Read More

  • Live Blog: GM's revolutionary event that we already know about

    Well, I’m at the IAC building on the West Side of Manhattan, but GM already announced Project PUMA and I feel stupid for having trekked all this way for it. 10:17 AM – And here we go. Read More