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  • RetroN 3 Video Gaming System: Three of your favorite gaming systems in-one

    Getting into retro gaming is often difficult. Trying to get a hold of antiquated game systems in good working order, much less three, can be tough. No longer, the RetroN 3 Video Gaming System has finally arrived. Read More

  • Retrode easily turns your SNES, Sega Genesis cartridges into ROMs

    Let me set the scene; it’s very interesting. I’m sitting here listening to one of my many soccer podcasts World Football Daily, for the curious), browsing YouTube like a complete dweeb. A couple of keystrokes later and I’m watching this video, wherein a fine upstanding gentleman by the nom de plume of Review Tech USA talks about the Retrode, a USB device that automatically… Read More

  • Awesome Sega Genesis and Space Invaders business card cases

    If you’re an old-school gamer, the Sega Genesis (known as Sega Mega Drive outside North America) sure does have a special place in your heart. And if your current job requires you to give away business cards from time to time, this new business card holder that’s shaped like Sega’s legendary 16-bit console might be the right thing for you. In case you want to go even more… Read More

  • Get your combination NES-SNES-Genesis right here

    I saw one of these things at PAX. It’s a great idea; after all, the actual hardware involved has become extremely small. You can fit an NES into a cartridge if you want to. So it makes sense to stick all the circuitry in a box, add some cartridge interfaces, make some ambiguous controllers, and sell it as a super-console. The one I saw was NES and Genesis, like this one, but there’s… Read More