• Yahoo Acquires SearchFox Assets

    Reliable sources are reporting that SearchFox, which announced that it will be shutting down as of January 25, 2006, has sold its assets to Yahoo. At least some of the employees have moved over to Yahoo as well. There is no indication of price. It is unclear whether this was a straight acquisition resulting in the announced shutdown, or if Yahoo stepped in after the announcement for an… Read More

  • SearchFox To Shut Down

    Richard Curry and Russell Limprecht just sent me near-simultaneous emails that they noticed Searchfox, a RSS reader with a small but dedicated group of users, is announcing on their site that they will shut down on January 25, 2006. My original profile of Searchfox, on September 12, 2005, is here. A follow up post is here. The RSS reader space is becoming hyper competitive, with dozens of… Read More

  • More SearchFox Beta Invitations Available

    SearchFox (profile) just announced the availablility of additional invitations to their beta. If you’d like an invitation to try it out, email “support at searchfox dot com” with your preferred username, and reference code xb17. As you may have read in our profile of SearchFox, we believe they have created a potentially disruptive product in the RSS Aggregator/Reader space. Read More

  • SearchFox – Personalized RSS Reader

    Company: Search Fox
    Founded: December 2004
    Launched: in Private Beta
    Location: San Francisco SearchFox is in private beta testing of a potentially disruptive RSS reader. It’s the first product I’ve seen that does a good job of prioritizing new content from feeds based on your historical reading behavior, as well as data gathered from the SearchFox community as a whole. This is a… Read More