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SearchFox (profile) just announced the availablility of additional invitations to their beta.

If you’d like an invitation to try it out, email “support at searchfox dot com” with your preferred username, and reference code xb17.

As you may have read in our profile of SearchFox, we believe they have created a potentially disruptive product in the RSS Aggregator/Reader space. It’s worth testing out if you are interested in how the attention idea can help push relevant content to you.

  • Ryan Collins

    The wikipedia for Robert Morris is wrong. It should point to the page about Robert Tappan Morris, not Robet Morris, which doesn’t exist.

  • Adrian Lamo

    I created an appropriate redirect on Wikipedia, so that the b0rken link for RTM within this article will work for now.

    • Abruzzi

      Hello there..This actually goes to any hacker in this room..Please i need your help..Its urgent and i know if you are in my shoes you will ask for help also.Hope to read from you.
      my email is —

  • Nik Cubrilovic

    Thanks Ryan

    Hey Adrian!

    • razor stone

      i fuck top hacker when i became a hacker not for hacker antihacker also i fuck u u suck me

  • Some Guy

    There are maybe two or three actual hackers on this list.

  • Sebastian

    6. to learn to hack.
    thanks for the history lesson, all I know about hacking comes from watching War Games

  • Steve

    I hate to detract from the gravitas of the sentiment, but Emmanuel did mention in the closing ceremonies that there’ll be a “The Next HOPE” in 2010–but I’ll certainly agree that we cannot allow the Hacking Gap with Asia to widen.

  • Loyd Blankenship

    Woot! I’m #6. :) In all seriousness, thanks, and especially thanks for giving Phrack a shoutout. It was a great publication, and I was always honored to be in it.

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  • Live crunch

    I liked your collection, even wrote about it my self on todays blog post. Anyways I was wondering where you are from Nik, sounds to me like Nikola but I might be wrong.

  • Brian

    This post is rife with grammatical and spelling errors. Get your life together.

  • Nik Cubrilovic

    Anyone know what ended up happening with ADM and w00w00? I found an archive online but not much else. I dropped of IRC in ’01

    @10 Ye its Nikola

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  • kilo

    isn’t this a list of top 10 cracker-likes, not hackers … ? eric raymond is going to flame you to a crisp for abusing the work ….
    now, sventek was a hacker …

  • kilo

    ‘word’ i meant , not ‘work’

  • pier0

    What about Gary McKinnon ?

  • ax0n

    I concur with the statement that there are maybe two or three names that belong on this list. Most of them are “hackers” but Top Ten material? No. By the way, nmap initially used OS fingerprinting based on a tool called QueSO (Que Sistema Operativo?) or “What Operating System?” written by someone (or group?) in Mexico.

    I could pick the list apart, but I’m too lazy. Plus “best ever hackers” is pretty vague, simply because “hacker” means so many things.

    • AlwaysInC

      “I could pick the list apart, but I’m too lazy….”

      @ax0n your too lazy but you decided to write two paragraphs anyway? being lazy is not even bothering to finish the damn sentence like, maybe you don’t know what the …

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  • Scott Diedrichs

    Hi there,

    I am urgently trying to get in contact with Nik Cubrilovic.

    Can someone help me with an email address or contact number?


  • Leslie V
  • mithilesh pandey

    hi big brother u verry creative it man……………….

  • HaCkER.9


  • raj

    hiee..i think u hav so much quality so u just sit on the chair and im sitting now in cybercafe.actually i hav some problem.would u like to tell me that how can i hack the orkut id or how can i got the password of any orkut and yahoo id.plz help me…..

  • raj kumar

    plz tell me how doing hacking

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