Feel Free To Run Samsung’s New Memory Cards Over With A Truck

There’s little doubt that Samsung knows how to put together a handsome television or smartphone, but to produce a stylish memory card — well that’s another story entirely. Samsung's certainly wi

Hello Kitty camcorder

<img src="" /> Japanese camera maker Exemode <a href="">announ

TV viewers now refusing to watch SD content?

<img src="" />There's a handy option in the <a HREF="">DirecTV</a> menu guide for "HDTV Channels." On

JVC's HD media player box supports SD cards only

<img src="" /> No DVD, no Blu-ray and no HDD: JVC Japan is keeping it extra-simple with the CU-VS100, a media player box that

Who needs Blu-ray? Japan gets "This Is It" on SD card and USB stick

<img src="" /> The special Michael Jackson PS3 bundle (PS3 plus <a href="">"This Is It"

Eye-Fi announces the Eye-Fi Pro (Ad Hoc support!) and Selective Transfer

<img src="" alt="" />I think I speak for every camera nerd out there when I say, Hallelujah!!! It’s about damn time Eye-Fi released a

Eye Fi ups storage, enables video uploading

<img src="" alt="" />My favorite little at-home gadget is getting a shake up today. Eye-Fi’s Wi-Fi SD cards not only upload images, but

Sanyo unveils three super-advanced IC recorders

Sanyo Japan [JP] has announced three IC recorders that can use SD and microSD cards as recording media and are to be released in Japan November 21. The ICR-S003M is relatively light on features (omnid

Eye-Fi wireless SD card gets bumped up to 4GB

Everyone’s favorite wireless memory card is now available with four gigabytes of storage. The Eye-Fi Anniversary Edition has just been announced to commemorate one year of wireless photo slinging fr

CrunchDeal: Crucial 8GB SD card for $9.99 shipped

Note: this Newegg deal is while supplies last so when it goes live at 11:00 EST or 8:00 PST, jump on it fast. An 8GB SD card for 10 bucks is a hell of a deal, especially with free shipping. via GearD

Canon PowerShot SD990 IS and SD880 IS: Point and shoot cams for the masses

So maybe the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, the G10, along with the SX10 IS just don’t scream your style. Canon understands that and has the obligatory, new Digital Elph upgrades just for you. The SD990

Now SD cards will come built-in; and why wasn't this done years ago?

I’ve always kind of wondered why more phones and media players didn’t have more built-in storage. SD is cheap, and fast enough for most low-demand data uses — mp3s, small videos, any

SD card readers for gauche Japanese girls make me want to vom

[photopress:AD_MRCMR_1.jpg,full,center] ADTEC have lost their collective mind, releasing new SD card readers that can be customized — no, Bedazzled — by fingernail artists to make personal

Panasonic's 32GB SDHC memory card coming in April

These SD cards just get bigger and fatter all the time — and by bigger and fatter, I mean internally. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. This one from Panasonic, avail

Eye-Fi to get 'Smart Boost', inks deal with Ritz Camera

  Eye-Fi has announced that its Wi-Fi SD cards will get a “Smart Boost” update on February 12th. With Smart Boost, your card will be able to tell whether or not your computer is on an

2GB SD card does Wi-Fi in digital cameras

Hey, now THAT’S a good idea. This $99 2GB SD memory card has built in wireless. You pop it in your camera, take some photos, and it automatically uploads (via your Wi-Fi connection) those photos

Great Outdoors: Have Video, Will Travel

Why are you watching videos again? Summer is currently in full effect. It’s hot as hell outside, the sky is beautiful, the water is warm – you need to get out there. So bring your family o

Storage Problems Arise On The Wii

You thought your Wii was truly a special console, didn’t you? Sure it doesn’t play DVDs and it lacks a hard drive, but that’s ok, ’cause the Wii has a remote for a controller!

WiFi Equipped SD Cards

A company called Eye-Fi is looking to bring WiFi-embedded SD cards to your digital camera. Rather than spending a ton of money on a WiFi-enabled digital camera, you’ll be able to purchase an SD

Motorola To Unveil 30 FPS Phone, Shooter

Big Daddy over at Motorola Ed Zander said that next week, his company will show off a new phone capable of playing movies at 30 frames per second in very high quality video. Then every American sighed
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