• Diveboard Aims To Make Logging Scuba Dives Fun And Educational

    Diveboard Aims To Make Logging Scuba Dives Fun And Educational

    When I earned my PADI open water diver certification, I had every intention of making scuba diving a regular hobby. Then I got a baby and everything changed. I haven’t been able to dive since, but I still have my logbook and keep looking for opportunities to get back into a wetsuit. The next time I do, I’ll be sure to log my dive at Diveboard, a new online dive logbook. Read More

  • Star Trek wetsuit lets you boldly go where few have gone before

    The Star Trek wetsuit finally lets you couple your love for Star Trek with your love for SCUBA. No longer must you be shackled in a plain, boring wetsuit when you make your dives. Now you can wear a stylish suit that demonstrates your geek cred to all your diving buddies. Available in Command Yellow, Science Blue, and Engineering Red! Read More

  • HD video recording Scuba goggles now available

    You guys! Remember back on January 5th of this year when I put up a post about these scuba goggles that have a built-in high definition video camera for recording stuff under water? Well, they’re finally available. Ah, January 5th. Those were the days. Read More

  • OLED Dive Computer from Uemis

    Here’s the perfect accessory to go along with your HD-video recording dive mask on your next scuba diving trip: the uemis Zurich, an advanced dive computer with a gorgeous OLED display. Read More