OLED Dive Computer from Uemis

Here’s the perfect accessory to go along with your HD-video recording dive mask on your next scuba diving trip: the uemis Zurich, an advanced dive computer with a gorgeous OLED display.

This “scuba diver assistant”, an advancement on the traditional scuba dive computer, offers a full color display with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, a wireless connection to your scuba tanks to report remaining pressure, and straps that are easy to manage even when you’re wearing gloves.

The uemis Zurich diver assistant connects to a PC by USB cable to charge, as well as to synchronize your dive log online with uemis’ web-based profiles.

The Lithium Polymer battery provides about 10 hours of use between charges. Not only can you charge by connecting to your laptop, but an integrated solar panel allows you to charge the unit while sitting on the boat deck between dives!

Via OLED-display.net.