• Extracting bias at TechCrunch [Internal]

    Extracting bias at TechCrunch [Internal]

    Our new guidelines underscore TechCrunch’s pathological obsession with social platforms, but also call for our reporters to proceed with the utmost caution, expressing none of their rampant pre-existing biases, which they will maintain undetectably. In the interest of a desperate attempt to appear nonpartisan, we have included our new guidelines here. Read More

  • "Daddy, what's an NDA?" A reader's guide to understanding gadget sites

    See: Spy shots, NDAs, Review Samples Given the excitement about the iPhone 2, the suppositions that carriers are getting huge shipments, and idea that hundreds of media are currently running around with the IP2 as we speak, surreptitiously shooting pictures of our underwear with the phone’s 12-megapixel X-Ray camera, I thought I’d take a moment to explain how Apple — and… Read More