• This neural network tries to tell if you’re being sarcastic online

    This neural network tries to tell if you’re being sarcastic online

    One of the perils of text-based communication is the lack of cues that clearly signal irony being employed — no doubt we’ve all had our own mishaps behind this particular issue. Researchers from Portugal have had enough, though, and built a neural network that tries to determine whether you or your virtual interlocutor is being sarcastic. Read More

  • ‘Time’ profiles interesting device called ‘iPhone G3’

    Wow!!! Apple apparently has another trick up its sleeve with a device that’s very similar to the iPhone 3G set to hit stores on July 11th. The new device is called the “iPhone G3” and appears to sport the exact same features as the iPhone 3G. I bet it costs the same, too. What’s interesting is that there was no formal announcement for the iPhone G3, so it appears that… Read More

  • HD DVD in trouble??? Onkyo stops HD DVD production

    Okay you guys, listen up for a second. I’ve got some bad news. It’s been a long and winding road and we’ve all fought really hard, but it appears that HD DVD might actually be on its way out for real. We just got word that Onkyo has decided to stop making HD DVD players. I know you feel. I feel like I got punched in the gonads, too. Read More

  • Paint: Behind the Scenes of the Most Important Software Application Ever

    It is with no doubt that without MS Paint, we would still be using Pine and browsing the World Wide Web as boring ASCII text instead of via the graphical nature we now enjoy. Indeed, the design elements of almost every Website in creation today were hand-drawn by talented artists in Paint, including this very blog. We just feel it was about time someone really took the time to document the… Read More