Salesforce could be repositioning itself as a data company

As Salesforce delves deeper into AI, the data exhaust from its core products could eventually be its most valuable asset.

Salesforce is betting that its own content can bring more trust to generative AI

Salesforce is betting that generative AI will be at the center of its enterprise strategy, and it can fuel LLMs as a trusted data source.

With mandate to improve acquisitions integration, Salesforce CIO went to work

When CIO Juan Perez started at Salesforce last year, he was given a mandate to more tightly integrate acquired companies, and he went to work.

Slack updates aim to put AI at the center of the user experience

Slack has evolved from a pure communications platform to one that enables companies to link directly to enterprise applications without having to resort to dreaded task switching. Today, at the Salesf

Salesforce is working on a pair of new generative AI-driven workflow tools

One of the promises of generative AI is the ability to create code based on a written request. This can lead to the ability to generate SQL queries and simple API calls to move work between systems. S

As Elliott withdraws Salesforce board nominations, activist pressure could be easing

When Elliott announced it was withdrawing its slate of Salesforce board candidates, it seems that some activist pressure had been lifted.

More layoff misery could be coming to Salesforce

On Friday, Bloomberg reported that more layoffs could be on the way at Salesforce, quoting chief operating officer Brian Millham, who indicated that the company could be adding to the ongoing job cutt

Not all unicorns are in trouble, just a lot of them

Hello and welcome back to Equity, the podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. Our Monday show covers the latest in tech news from the week

Activist investor Elliott ditches director nomination plans for Salesforce

Activist investor Elliott Investment Management won't be proceeding with plans to nominate directors to Salesforce's board.

The long goodbye at Salesforce continues with more layoffs reported today

It would be easy to think that when Salesforce announced that it was laying off 10% of the workforce in January that it would let those folks know, and it would be over with — but some employees

Salesforce Ventures targets new $250M fund at generative AI startups

The enterprise is about to get hit by the generative AI hype train, as Salesforce prepares to invest in startups developing what it calls “responsible generative AI.” The cloud software gi

Salesforce plans to incorporate generative AI across the platform

Salesforce has been in the news for a lot of non-product reasons of late, so it would be understandable that the company wants to bring the focus back to the business of selling software and away from

Will one good quarter appease the activist investors dogging Salesforce?

After Salesforce delivered a stellar quarter, will it help get rid of the bevy of activist investors dogging the company?

OpenAI launches an API for ChatGPT, a startup attempts a humanoid robot, and Salesforce turns it around

TGIF, my TechCrunch homies. It’s that time of week again — the time for Week in Review, where we recap the past five days in tech news. As always, lots happened, so let’s dig in sans

Enterprise SaaS companies continue to navigate a complex economic environment

With Zoom, Box, Okta and Salesforce reporting this week, we saw mixed results from enterprise SaaS companies operating in a tough environment.

Salesforce strikes back

It would be an understatement to say that Salesforce has been having a rough ride of late — from activist pressure to executive departures and layoffs — it seems like everyone was piling onto a co

Elliott has nominated its own slate of candidates for Salesforce board

Elliott Management, one of five activist investors working inside of Salesforce, has nominated a slate of candidates to the Salesforce board of directors. This move, which was confirmed by sources to

With 5 activists in the mix, Salesforce will report earnings Wednesday

When Salesforce reports earnings on Wednesday, it could be a critical report for the company with five activist investors circling.

Salesforce yields to activist pressure with harsh new policies for engineers, salespeople

Salesforce is looking at new ways to cut costs as activist investors continue to put pressure on the company. Today, Insider was reporting that the company is implementing much stricter performance me

Can 4 activist investors play nice in the Salesforce sandbox?

What do the investors want from Salesforce, which is hardly in full distress? Sure, the stock is down, but it raked in $8 billion last quarter. That could be why they're so interested.
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