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  • 3G on the iPad is all or nothing

    If you notice this screen, adding 3G a la carte to the iPad is all or nothing. Either your account will automatically debit itself monthly for 250MB – or unlimited – or you’ll have to cancel the account and re-enter your information. It’s a pretty dire choice. We have more images from the 3G set-up over at the original unboxing. Read More

  • CoverItLive responds: I iz sorry!

    MacWorld Keynote Update We would like to apologize to all of our users and their readers for the service outage that happened mid-day on January 15. CoveritLive was specifically designed to handle small and very VERY large live blog events like the Steve Jobs Keynote at MacWorld. Our issue appears to have been a very minor technical one on our end that was amplified dramatically by the… Read More

  • E3 back in LA, still no booth babes

    What do you think of the sell-through rate on Madden titles versus Take 2’s urban sports series? Miss? E3 was once the promised land for game geeks. In a huge hall in LA you could get and play games, watch scantily clad women who were vying for your attention, and generally feel like you were a plugged in member of an elite gaming force. Now, however, it’s going to be a big… Read More