• Sony Japan announces Disney-themed Walkmans

    In September last year, Sony rolled out the S Series Walkman, portable audio and video players, which are supposed to compete with the iPod Nano. And today, Sony in Japan announced [JP] a branded version of those Walkmans, namely the “Disney Character S Series Walkman”. To be more exact, Sony introduced nine Disney-themed Walkmans, a special case and a Mickey Mouse stand. Read More

  • Videos: Sony attacks Apple with new (and pretty stylish) Walkman series

    About two weeks ago we reported Sony’s Walkman (kind of) outsold the iPod in Japan for the first time in four years, and now Sony steps up their efforts in the portable media player arena by officially introducing the Walkman A [JP] and S series [JP, pictured]. Sony says their twelve new devices are specifically aimed at “young customers”. Both series display lyrics that… Read More

  • HP launches ProBook S-Series notebooks for the suits

    Business types take notice, HP has a new line of notebooks that will not impress your associates with a radical design, but should get the job done. The ProBook S-Series combines modern specs with good, clean lines at affordable prices. Kind of like what the Lenovo/IBM ThinkPads have been doing for years- well, except for the affordable part. Read More

  • More Leica S-Series shots, it looks really really nice

    I want one. We just found out about this thing a couple hours ago, and now the official Photokina release is leaked. A commenter at the source says the camera will cost €20,000, or about $30,000. Significantly lower than I thought, and definitely competitive with other Pro setups like Leaf and Hasselblad. The interface on the LCD (4 corner buttons, like Simon) looks weird, but I’m… Read More