First we SPAC, then we take down AWS

The plan is simple: First, we create a knockoff of a popular digital service. Second, we cry political persecution. Third, we raise a bunch of money with a SPAC. And then, we take on AWS.

Nexon Takes A Strategic Investment in Rumble Entertainment To Expand West

Korean gaming giant Nexon is making another deal to expand into Western markets with a strategic investment in Rumble Entertainment. They didn’t disclose the size of the deal except to say that

DualShock 3: Stateside on April 15

[photopress:ds3apr15.jpg,full,center] April 15. Tax Day here in the U.S. It’s also the release date for the DualShock 3 for the PS3. Everyone can now easily sleep at night again. Yup, the PS3 co

DualShock 3 finally a reality (at least next year)

For all two dozen of you PS3 owners out there, you’ll be happy to hear that the next firmware update will include rumbler support for your controllers again. It’s been missing since the PS

PSP Force Feedback Mod: Just a Proof of Concept, Calm Down

I guess you can consider this a mod. Someone took apart a PSP and installed a tiny motor, giving the portable system ghetto force feedback. It doesn’t look like the mod will be mass produced or

Sony And Immersion Finish Legal Battle

Remember a few years ago Sony got into some deep trouble with a company called Immersion over the rumble technology in the PS2’s controllers? Well after a long, long battle, the two companies ha