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  • Flux Is Building A Multifunctional Robotic Arm For Makers

    Flux Is Building A Multifunctional Robotic Arm For Makers

    Desktop 3D printers are driving additive manufacturing towards the mainstream consumer market. It’s not yet affordable enough or easy enough to use for mass market adoption but small businesses and the enthusiast maker community have had their hands on this hardware for several years now. So why not also put robotic arm technology at a price-point that’s also within their grasp? Read More

  • RAPUDA: Robotic Arm For People With Upper Limb Disabilities (Video)

    Robots can do good for mankind, not only in the future but also right now. Case in point: RAPUDA [JP], a robotic arm, which – once mounted onto a wheelchair – can help the disabled manage certain tasks they’d normally require the help of other people for on their own. It’s developed by the Intelligent Systems Research Institute [JP] at Japan’s National Institute… Read More

  • Robotic arm hustles air hockey players everywhere

    If you walk into a bar and see this robotic arm situated at one end of an air hockey table drinking a Miller High Life with a cigarette hanging from its lip yelling “Who’s got next?!", don’t, under any circumstances, play against it for money. It’ll beat you pretty badly. Politely offer to play a gentleman’s game and if the arm refuses, just walk away. Read More