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Singularities are a pain in the neck for robot arms — Jacobi Robotics is trying to solve them

It’s easy to lose track of the fact that robotics is as much a software problem as a hardware one. The programming understandably gets overshadowed by the alure of mechatronics, but without the prop

Orangewood wants to build a cheap, programmable robotic arm for manufacturing

In late 2017, three entrepreneurs — Abhinav Das, Aditya Bhatia and Akash Bansal — came to the mutual realization that the final steps of building furniture — specifically painting an

Ally is building a dead-simple, no-code robot arm

“Both my dad and mom had their own business,” Ally Robotics founder and CEO Mitch Tolson tells TechCrunch. “My mom had a sign company. Every single weekend and nights during the week, I was inst

This robot learns its two-handed moves from human dexterity

If robots are really to help us out around the house or care for our injured and elderly, they're going to want two hands... at least. But using two hands is harder than we make it look — so this ro

The Swift is a programmable robotic arm for the masses

As a child I always lusted after the Armatron robotic arm. Oh, the amazing things I would have done! I could have assembled miniature cars! Pinched my sister remotely! Gently squashed bugs to paste! B

Ocado is developing robot hands that won’t bruise bananas

The UK’s online supermarket, Ocado Ltd, has plans to test a new robotic arm for picking and packing groceries in some of its warehouses the company announced today. A grasping robot arm dexterou

Flux Is Building A Multifunctional Robotic Arm For Makers

Desktop 3D printers are driving additive manufacturing towards the mainstream consumer market. It's not yet affordable enough or easy enough to use for mass market adoption but small businesses and th

RAPUDA: Robotic Arm For People With Upper Limb Disabilities (Video)

<img src="" /> <a href="">Robots</a> <em>can</em> do good for mankind, not only in the future but a

Robotic arm hustles air hockey players everywhere

If you walk into a bar and see this robotic arm situated at one end of an air hockey table drinking a Miller High Life with a cigarette hanging from its lip yelling “Who’s got next?!", don&#8