Social commerce startup Goxip lands $1.4M investment to add flexible payments

Social e-commerce startup Goxip raised $5 million in January, and now the Hong Kong-based business has brought in more cash with a strategic $1.4 million investment from financial services company Con’s influencer shopping app hits 1M users

Launched just 9 months ago on iOS and last month on Android, has just hit 1M registered users on their mobile app, bringing total users to 2.8M. As a refresher, is a servi

Google is launching Shop the Look to let you search and shop by outfit

If there is one threat to Google Search, it’s that the majority of content created today lives inside social apps like Instagram and Snapchat and can’t easily be indexed to show in search

RewardStyle helps influencers make money from social

These days, you can’t swing a bag of cats around without hitting some sort of social influencer. But how do these people make money from their content? RewardStyle, a Dallas-based startup, provi

Glossi Adds Monetization To Its Digital Magazine Platform By Partnering With RewardStyle

When digital publishing platform <a target="_blank" href="">Glossi</a> launched <a href="">its public beta</a> last Dece