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Rev3 Founder David Prager forms new fund, Monstro Ventures, to back early-stage tech startups

The team behind Monstro is launching a new microfund called Monstro Ventures, according to co-founder David Prager. For the unfamiliar, Monstro is an ad agency with headquarters in Oakland and another

Taboola Turbo Charges Revision3's Video Uplift By 90%

<img src="" /> Video recommendation startup <a href="">Taboola</a> has been having quite a year, signing up

Revision 3 says RIAA/MPAA anti-piracy company responsible for recent outage

Flickr’d You guys watch Revision 3, right? Diggnation, Tekzilla (my personal favorite), Totally Rad, etc. The company was DoS’d last week, and you’ll never guess who was responsible.