retro gaming

  • D-Pad Hero: The franchise finally hits the NES

    If you’ve been itching to try the latest musical Rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but haven’t had the chance to buy a new console since the 80s, this is for you. D-Pad Hero takes all the fun and excitement of the popular instrument-based games and crams it into a 256KB ROM. Check out the playlist after the jump. Read More

  • Joystick hanging pegs

    These crafty little coathooks would look great in a game room, or just a gamer-friendly house. Try mixing them with some of these great Space Invaders decals for the full effect. Read More

  • Can you beat Mega Man 9 in less than 25 minutes? This guy did Yes, the fine art of Speedrunning is alive and well, especially with this second renaissance of retro games and remakes brought on by the rise of the virtual console. I’m still deciding which system to buy in order to play this excellent game, so I haven’t watched this for fear of spoilers, but that shouldn’t stop you. Read More

  • Pac-Man World Tournament Announced

    Yeah, I totally met Pac-Man back in ’05. Fans of Inky, Blink, and miscellaneous bouncing fruit should clear their schedules from April 26th to May 9th. Microsoft just announced that a World Pac-Man Tournament will be held on Xbox Live Arcade. That’s right, you can win some prizes and show off your skills from the comfort of that used couch you found on Craigslist. Here are some of… Read More