Approaching e-commerce investments in the age of Amazon

With Amazon as the 800-pound gorilla, many of my fellow investors choose to ignore e-commerce altogether. In fact, the industry hit recent lows in a number of deals and investments. But as Bonobos’

Rebuilding retail brick by brick

There have been numerous speculations on what retailers should do in an omni-channel world. How do they compete in a world where Amazon is undercutting them in prices and offering free delivery throug

RetailNext Raises Another $30 Million To Track In-Store Data

Rockwell was right, these days somebody is always watching. But now, simply watching isn't enough, so startups are raising increasing amounts of money to develop and sell technologies that allow co

RetailNext Acquires Eric Schmidt-Backed Wi-Fi Analytics Company, Nearbuy Systems

In-store analytics provider <a target="_blank" href="">RetailNext</a> is plugging a hole in its product suite with the acquisition of Nearbuy Systems, a three-and-a-half year