Resistor Productions

  • Disciple Is A Real-Time Player-To-Player Fantasy Battlefield For Adults

    Casual head to head games, also known as synchronous or real-time games, are becoming increasingly popular on the web. Geewa, Zynga, and Playfish all offer real-time synchronous social games where you can play against another player live, not against the computer. Resistor Productions has merged a synchronous game with role-playing, blood, guts and gore aimed at adults called Disciple. Known as… Read More

  • Descent Into Dumb iPhone Apps: Now You Can Have Your Own iGirl

    It was inevitable that sooner or later someone would create a virtual girl that lonely men can download to their iPhones and call their own. Today, the iGirl app (iTunes link) from Resistor Productions debuted in the iTunes Store. After recently passing 15,000 apps and 500 million downloads, what’s left? The iGirl is a female avatar trapped in your iPhone. You can make her dance or… Read More