Disciple Is A Real-Time Player-To-Player Fantasy Battlefield For Adults

Casual head to head games, also known as synchronous or real-time games, are becoming increasingly popular on the web. Geewa, Zynga, and Playfish all offer real-time synchronous social games where you can play against another player live, not against the computer.

Resistor Productions has merged a synchronous game with role-playing, blood, guts and gore aimed at adults called Disciple. Known as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Disciple is delivered entirely over the web browser (no separate download is required).

Disciple’s fantasy world, Aphelion, is pretty brutal and violent with bloody battles between you and other users that last sometimes to death. Players and opponents fight against each other in real-time to gain points, weapons and armor to increase in player ranking. All players compete for “geldors,” the virtual world’s money, based on battle wins and losses. There is also the option to create or join a clan of disciples to determine allies and enemies within the world. Free-to-play, Disciple also gives users the ability to purchase enhanced play content and options within the game via microtransactions and subscription fees.

Resistor also brought us the dumb iGirl iPhone app.