The Upcoming Shakeout In Travel Tech

The last few years have been a dizzying and heady time for travel startups, filled with mammoth funding rounds, high-profile acquisitions, and dramatic examples of young startups soaring past incumben

RelayRides Adds $10 Million From Trinity And Looks To Expand Peer-To-Peer Airport Rentals

When we last checked in with peer-to-peer car rental startup <a target="_blank" href="">RelayRides</a> about six weeks ago, it had raised $25 million in Series B funding led b

Car-Sharing Startup RelayRides Raises $25 Million In Funding Led By Canaan Partners

Over the past year, peer-to-peer car rental startup <a target="_blank" href="">RelayRides</a> has been growing its average rental times and revenues by focusing specifically on

RelayRides Reaches Deal To Make Its Peer-To-Peer Car Rentals Legal At SFO

<a target="_blank" href="">RelayRides</a> is serious about entering the airport car rental market and enabling its users to make their vehicles available to travelers when not

After Being Hit With A Cease And Desist, Car-Sharing Startup RelayRides Suspends Rentals In New York

It's becoming increasingly commonplace for startups in the so-called "sharing economy" to take heat from regulators who seek to hold them to the same business standards as incumbent businesses. The la

RelayRides Acquires Wheelz To Boost Inventory And Improve Hardware For Its Peer-To-Peer Car Rentals

There's consolidation afoot in the peer-to-peer car rental space. San Francisco-based RelayRides, which launched about five years ago and is now available nationwide, has gobbled up fledgling competit

RelayRides Founder Shelby Clark Steps Down From Day-To-Day Role, Will Remain On The Board

RelayRides founder and chief community officer Shelby Clark announced today that he is leaving his day-to-day role with the company, but will remain on its board of directors. The move comes as RelayR

How RelayRides’ GM-OnStar Partnership Unlocks Doors — And A Potential 15M Cars For Its Fleet

Pardon the pun, but peer-to-peer car-sharing service RelayRides is on a roll. In March, the startup expanded beyond its first two regional markets -- Boston and San Francisco -- and <a href="https://t

RelayRides Teams Up With OnStar, Makes Car Sharing Easier For Millions Of GM Owners

Car sharing is suddenly a hot topic and a number of startups like <a target="_blank" href="">Getaround</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Wheelz</a> and <a targe

Hail A Fellow Human, Not A Taxi With “SideCar” – The New P2P Uber

You need a ride, someone else has a car and could use the cash, <a target="_blank" href="">SideCar is the app</a> that will bring you together. New instant peer-to-peer rideshare-fi

Carsharing Service RelayRides Raises Another $3 Million, Led By GM Ventures

<a href="">RelayRides</a>, a car-sharing service that lets you rent (or rent out) cars a few hours at a time, has raised an additional $3 million in funding, adding on to the

RelayRides Names Former Head Andre Haddad As CEO

<a href="">RelayRides</a>, a marketplace that lets car-owners rent out their cars a few hours at a time, has named former chief <a href="