Y Combinator Grad ReelSurfer Gets A Makeover, Now Lets You Clip & Share Any ESPN Or New York Times Video

Y Combinator grad <a target="_blank" href="">ReelSurfer</a> is an instant video editor, born out of its founders frustration of trying to find clips, quotes and scenes from t

Video Mashup Pro ReelSurfer Lands $880K From YC, Executive Producer Of The Hangover

<a target="_blank" href="">ReelSurfer</a>, which graduated from Y Combinator's most recent batch of startups, is a <a target="_blank" href="

Y Combinator-Backed ReelSurfer Launches To Let You Clip And Share Video From Any Website

Many businesses begin with a simple, and then nagging, frustration. For Christian Yang and Neil Joglekar, it began with Entourage. Well, <em>after</em> Entourage. In college, as big fans of the show,