• Video: Panasonic's Mini Robot To Travel 500KM On Batteries

    When we showed you Panasonic’s new mini robot two weeks ago, we only had one good picture of him and no video. But today, the company held a special press conference in Tokyo where it showcased the little guy for the first time. To recap, the robot is supposed to start a 500km journey from Tokyo to Kyoto tomorrow – powered by Panasonic’s EVOLTA batteries. Read More

  • Mini Robot Powered By Panasonic EVOLTA Batteries To Travel 500KM

    Panasonic has apparently enjoyed quite a bit of success with its previous, rather unusual promotion campaigns for its EVOLTA batteries. In 2008, we blogged an EVOLTA-powered mini robot that climbed up a 500 meter high cliff at Grand Canyon. Then, in 2009, we’ve shown you how such a robot ran 24km on the famous Le Mans 24 Hours circuit in France (on 2 AA batteries). Read More

  • Sharp Sets New Record For Solar Cell Efficiency

    If there’s something solar energy as a technology needs, then it’s better and cheaper solar cells. And now Sharp has apparently made a step forward regarding the first factor: the company says it has developed a solar cell that has the world’s highest efficiency of 42.1%, breaking the record of Spectrolab of the US. Read More

  • The Novac NV-CR001U digitizes music cassettes and LPs

    It’s not the first device of its kind, but it’s pretty cheap and compact: Japan-based Novac announced [JP] the NV-CR001U today, a player for both LPs and cassettes that helps to digitize music stored on those media (almost) hassle-free. Read More

  • Denon Japan releases turntable with built-in USB port

    Denon Japan announced it will start selling a turntable [JP] that features a USB port to transfer music from analog records to USB memory sticks as digital music files at the beginning of next month. The DP-200USB will be available in black and silver  (price: $300). Denon says all that users have to do in order to save music as MP3 (in 192kbps quality) is to play their 30cm or 17cm records… Read More

  • Mitsubishi sets new record for solar cell efficiency

    Mitsubishi Electric today said it has produced a polycrystalline-silicon solar cell that converts light energy to electrical energy with an efficiency of 18.6%. According to the company, the previous record stood at 18.3%. The protoype is sized at 150x150mm and has a thickness of 180 microns. Mitsubishi structured the surface like a honeycomb in order to reduce reflections of sunrays. In… Read More

  • 108 inches: Sharp introduces the world's biggest LCD TV

    Today Sharp unveiled the LB-1085 [JP], at 108 inches screen size, it’s the world’s biggest LCD TV for commercial applications. The company says one model will be delivered for use in a cinema complex in Tokyo on June 19th. However, it is available for anyone in Japan (starting today) who is willing to pay $100,000 for it. The TV comes with the following features: – ASV 1080p… Read More

  • Great Outdoors: Have Video, Will Travel

    Why are you watching videos again? Summer is currently in full effect. It’s hot as hell outside, the sky is beautiful, the water is warm – you need to get out there. So bring your family or some good buddies and hit the trails, slope, or beaches. Find something to do. Just remember to be equipped with the best video gear possible. Because between the 14-hour car ride to your… Read More