recommendation engine

The quest for better AI recommendation engines

Rubber Ducky Labs, a San Francisco-based startup, is looking to make it easier for teams to debug, analyze and improve their recommendation systems. 

Qloo raises cash to expand its AI-driven recommendation API

Policymakers have been cracking down on platforms that collect consumer data, implementing rules that require companies to be transparent about the details they gather and use for commercial purposes.

Improving discovery for NFTs will amplify digital creators and marketplaces

NFTs hold a tremendous amount of potential not only for buyers, but for artists as well. Yet, that potential isn’t being fully tapped.

Content discovery platform Dable closes $12 million Series C at $90 million valuation to accelerate its global expansion

Launched in South Korea five years ago, content discovery platform Dable now serves a total of six markets in Asia. Now it plans to speed up the pace of its expansion, with six new markets in the regi

HPE adds recommendations to AI tech from Nimble acquisition

When HPE acquired Nimble Storage in March for a cool billion dollars, it knew it was getting some nifty flash storage technology. But it also got Nimble’s InfoSight artificial intelligence capab

Leonardo DiCaprio, Barry Sternlicht back Qloo, a cultural recommendation engine

Qloo Inc. closed a $4.5 million Series A round of venture funding to support the growth of its cultural recommendation engine. Investors included: Academy Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio; Starwo

This Facebook bot will pick your next movie for you

As we’ve discussed, Facebook’s bot platform is still in its early stages, and most apps aren’t ready yet to become part of your everyday life. This is mainly due to shortfalls in nat

Shopping Quizzes is a quiz-based recommendation engine for e-commerce sites

A key tenet of e-commerce is the recommendation engine. If implemented correctly, it can be a major sales driver for online retailers. However, most sites normally just implement a basic engine t

The Evolving Landscape Of Recommendation Systems

Everyday decisions, from which products to buy, movies to watch and restaurants to try, are more and more being put in the hands of a new source: recommendation systems. Recommendation systems are cha

Nara Logics’ Artificial Intelligence Platform Gets A $6M Boost

For a long time, academic computer scientists would snicker when you even uttered the words "artificial intelligence." That's been changing quickly over the last few years and now investors are also t

Recommendation Engine Startup Predictry Lands $230,000 Seed Funding

Major e-commerce sites like Amazon depend on powerful proprietary recommendation engines to drive user engagement and sales. Smaller businesses, however, lack that advantage. Predictry wants to give a

Backed By $1.4M From Celebrity Investors, Qloo Launches A Netflix-Style Discovery Engine For Culture

As the Web evolves and hundreds of sites collect data every day on who we are and what we love to do, personalization has become fundamental to user experience to help users find signal amidst the noi

Tipflare: Two MIT Seniors Build A One-Stop Shop For Recommendations On Anything

With so much information, content and so many services now living online, there's a lot of choice -- even for something as simple as where to go to buy a new pair of socks. Oh, and there's a lot of da

SeatGeek Unveils Columbus, A “Pandora For Live Events”

Sometimes you want to go out, but aren't sure what's going on in your city that would interest you. <a href="">SeatGeek</a>, the ticket search engine for live events, is launching