RealtyShares raises $28 million for commercial real estate investing

Commercial real estate can be a lucrative investment, but it can be hard to come up with the money to buy a stake in the first place. That’s the idea behind RealtyShares, a platform which pools toge

RealtyShares Raises $20 Million For Its Real Estate Investment Marketplace

Less than a year after it closed a $10 million round of financing, the real estate investment marketplace RealtyShares has managed to rake in another $20 million for its funding platform. The San Fran

RealtyShares Gets $10M From Menlo To Grow Its Platform For Crowdfunding Real Estate Projects

RealtyShares has taken the idea of crowdfunding and applied it to the real estate market. After about a year of operations in which it was able to show product-market fit, the company has raised $10 m

RealtyShares Raises $1.9 Million From General Catalyst To Crowdfund Real Estate Projects

RealtyShares is kind of like a "LendingClub for Real Estate," providing a platform for crowdfunding real-estate development. And the company just raised $1.9 million led by General Catalyst to make it