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OpenHouse Wants To Help You Buy A House That Fits Your Lifestyle

When it comes to searching for a new house or apartment to buy, the typical search experience usually focuses solely on geography, number of rooms and square footage. Over time, Zillow, Redfin and oth

Trulia Launches Trulia Suggests, A Recommendation Engine For Real Estate

Trulia, the popular real estate search engine, just launched the beta of Trulia Suggests, a personalized real estate recommendation engine. The typical search experience on virtually every online real

Zillow Launches Free Property Management Websites For Rental Pros Without Their Own Web Presence

It's no secret that real estate site Zillow has been putting quite a bit of emphasis on the rental side of the housing market recently. Today, the company is expanding its portfolio of tools for renta

In A Down Real Estate Market, Trulia Scratches At Profitability

<img src=""> The real estate bust is still dragging down the economy, but some startups are making the best of a bad situation. Real esta